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Little Village / Pilsen

Named after a city in the Czech Republic, Pilsen was established in the 1840s as one of Chicago’s earliest working-class immigrant communities. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, both Pilsen and neighboring Little Village to the west drew large numbers of Bohemian immigrants who found work at the Union Stockyards and nearby manufacturing plants. Since the 1960s, a predominantly Mexican American population has defined both areas. In many ways culturally and physically contiguous, Pilsen is anchored by bustling 18th Street while Little Village boasts a 2-mile-long commercial district along 26th Street, an economic engine with sales receipts second only to North Michigan Avenue. Bright murals and mosaics mark the streetscape in both neighborhoods and often reflect Mexican history and culture. In recent years, a growing number of breweries, restaurants, galleries and music venues centered around 18th Street have joined the area’s vibrant cultural mix.

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