African Heritage Garden

1245 S. Central Park Ave


The African Heritage Garden comprises four city lots at the corner of S. Central Park Avenue and W. 12th Place. Planning of the garden began in 2001 with a community-wide research project, a design charrette, an art project and a gardening research project covering African plants. The garden has a central flower bed in the shape of the African continent. In 2005, the Chicago Council of Elders blessed the African Heritage Garden with a traditional ceremony, and the garden was recognized as an "official" place of culture and community. The Council of Elders granted permission to establish the garden as a family place of enjoyment, education and culture. Central Park Avenue is an important North-South street whose corners once boasted three-story brick apartment buildings. Most were demolished following disinvestment in the neighborhood. A few beautiful examples remain within a block or two of the garden. The African Heritage Garden is protected by NeighborSpace.