1322 S. Pulaski Road

PermaPark Audio Tour

Audio Commentary by Annamaria Leon, Homan Grown; Dr. Shemuel Israel, North Lawndale Greening Committee; Blanche Killingsworth, North Lawndale Historical Society


The CCA Academy Food Forest, PermaPark, generates individual and community well-being by creating opportunities to celebrate and learn from the natural world. Permaculture reminds us to take care of each other and our planet, making sure there is enough air, water, land and food to keep everyone happy and healthy. CCA Academy students, staff and faculty are using permaculture principles to design their food forest. PermaPark occupies seven empty lots along Pulaski Road. Pulaski used to be lined with two-story brick commercial buildings that included a living unit above the store: a traditional Chicago vernacular style from the late 19th century, of which a few examples remain around PermaPark.