One Straw Community Garden

3341 W. Douglas Blvd

One Straw Community Garden Audio Tour

Audio Commentary by Annamaria Leon, Homan Grown; Dr. Shemuel Israel, North Lawndale Greening Committee


The One Straw Community Garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and is a permaculture garden based on the "do nothing" philosophy of Japanese naturalist Masanobu Fukuoka. His idea was to work with nature instead of against it, doing as little as possible to alter a site, tending to it rather than imposing one's will onto it. The front third of One Straw is a wild habitat, becoming a more cultivated fruit orchard as one moves towards the rear of the garden. One Straw is part of a community-led revitalization project centered around three historic Greystone two-flats along Douglas Boulevard. It is being overseen by Annamaria Leon of Homan Grown.