Paseo Boricua: Chicago's Puerto Rican Promenade


Paseo Boricua is the artistic, cultural and commercial heart of the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, and its importance reverberates far beyond the region. This half-mile stretch of Division Street between Western and California Avenues officially became Paseo Boricua in 1995 with the dedication of twin 45-ton Gateway Flags—instant icons. A coordinated redevelopment effort by civic leaders and local activists helped seed many new businesses along the corridor in the years that followed, and the street is being continually reinvented by entrepreneurial spirit and public art. Learn the story of the Paseo while visiting several highlights on this self-guided tour featuring commentary from Roberto Clemente, Jr. and National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture president and former alderman Billy Ocasio. Audio engineering by Prize Beagle Recording.

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