The Community Gardens of North Lawndale


North Lawndale is distinguishing itself as a mecca for community gardens. By some counts, the neighborhood boasts more than 50 of these beloved green spaces. This self-guided tour takes people through a dozen of the most prominent and well-tended gardens in the area, where natural beauty, food production, environmental education, history and art intersect in amazing ways. Learn the unique backstories of these gardens and the important role they play in North Lawndale, and check for special programming throughout the month of October. Audio commentary from North Lawndale civic leaders and garden advocates Dr. Shemuel Israel, Blanche Killingsworth and Annamaria Leon. Audio engineering by Prize Beagle Recording. This self-guided tour is offered in partnership with Homan Grown, North Lawndale Greening Committee, and North Lawndale Historical Society.

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